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    “I can do it.” Vuong Han bared his teeth embarrassedly, "Sometimes small achievements are not worth mentioning at all."

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    "Oh is that so." After Lan Ning Xiaoxi said so simply, Wang Han was able to think of this situation and understand it. A group of people running away is called a retreat, a person running away is called a deserter, there is nothing wrong with this, he also hates this kind of situation where a person runs away directly, let's just say, sooner or later. Everything must die. When we die, we die together. We can also take care of each other. It's okay to sneak out alone. But to be honest, he really didn't expect this step, especially fighting with others in this kind of arena. If I can't beat the regular matches, can I leave? Other people who can't compete in the ring can wave the white flag. If he doesn't have a referee to go down to the ring, won't he admit defeat? In the end, I somehow received the title of deserter. That's really interesting. It's easier to be strict with others than with yourself.

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    "...It doesn't need 20,000 computing power, just like you said, if you can pass the evaluation of the R-level medal, then we will directly give you 10,000 computing power! And everyone will directly give you 10,000 Get some computing power! We have six people here, and each one will give you 10,000 computing power points, which adds up to 60,000 computing power points! , "But they My sincerity has already been expressed here, I'm afraid you won't be able to get the R level badge directly! You must know, even the R level medal is very difficult! It's still far from what you have now!"

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    Li Shizong could feel the opening of the heavenly seal, but he did not believe that Wang Han came from Ten Thousand Ancient Lake and needed such terrifying strength to be able to do it. Vuong Han here answered yes, "Yes, I just opened the door at Thien Ngan and came back. Closed, too long, if locked outside Skyline, it would be really uncomfortable, after all Manh Manh is still inside Skyline."

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    Pushing open the door, Vuong Han quietly walked down the hallway. After leaving the dormitory, he went to the place where his computational ability was tested, "I can go to the center to get some computational energy, computational ability." math is inherently thinking. shards, I can also use these as backup, but it would be better if I could remove the life stone or life stone, otherwise my soul will always mixed with many other people's distracting thoughts, even if these distracting thoughts are harmless Yes, but it will also interfere with my computing power to a certain extent , especially as my current computing power becomes more and more powerful, this kind of interference becomes more and more serious."

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    Okay, so now let's go inspect the office. Vuong Han took it as if you were right, "Quickly let's have a fight, I have something to do later, I want to eat something."

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    "However, my current computing power cannot support me to put all the steel needles into the process of searching for enemies on my own. If I want to do this, I can learn from the soul trap that I learned. At that time, I used the breath light ball to weaken the soul Pursuit trait, along with the coordination of several other talents, finally created the infinite talent weapon This same excellence, and now even without being able to use the soul trap, the logic can basically unify itself."

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    “Hello Mr. Li Luyuan.” Mi Qiyun took the initiative to greet. After glancing at Wang Han from the corner of her eye, she continued to say to Li Luyuan, “Let's go, we're just passing by, we don't want to disturb you two.” "Of course, we are also willing to see how strong you two are."

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    Porphyrin cow! It's really predictable, so no matter how much Vuong Han's combat power has increased, but after many years of accumulated wisdom, it can't compare to a tender teenager named Vuong Han! So much so that the porphyrin could guess where Vuong Han had been for so many years with just a glance. It was truly astonishing. After Porphyrin was confirmed by Vuong Han, his eyes comfortably looked at Vuong Han, "The ruins you encountered are quite special. Before talking about some specific things, I'm glad you didn't go in anyway. ." , those who enter cannot come out.”

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    "...What do you mean?" Another teacher looked at Vuong Han suspiciously. How could this person feel like he was not on the same level when talking? How do you feel that this man is immersed in his own world, and although this R-grade medal is already a very good kind of medal, it is relatively easy to get among all the medal, so don't just get R rank This is just a medal, you really didn't think that S rank medal would be so easy, right? !

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    Vuong Han had nothing more to say. Lanning Xiaoxi just wore it if he liked it. After all, he didn't have many requirements for clothes, but when checking out, Vuong Han also asked the sales staff about the calculation ability of the pants. shirt, and the salesperson gave the answer as a calculation ability. Vuong Han nodded thoughtfully and followed Lanning Xiaoxi to leave, "All the furniture in the previous restaurant combined is a calculation ability, Now this outfit is also a computing power, so this can still buy a lot of things with 1 computing power, perhaps similar to the previous 100 yuan?"

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    Wow! What you say is very dangerous. If they hear it, they're afraid they'll do something to you! Bird Demon's face was a bit scared. After thinking about it, he quickly said: "It's good to know a little." everything. , you must not say it so fairly and honestly, otherwise if you are really killed by them, you will die unjustly! And I'm also afraid that they will target me, so I can only do this, because some small reward will be reported It's famous, so if I don't go here, I'm afraid they will kick me out Follow and kill them so... if not, I will help you look here, and you take me to those big guys, I promise the people in these ruins that after they come out, they will definitely leave their heads behind. If it takes a long time for you, you definitely won't swallow it all!”

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    What is a breath bulb? In the early years, Vuong Han couldn't have been more familiar with this kind of thing in Tu Hai! The small ball of light breath has a characteristic, which is that it cannot help but cling to the weak soul, then the small breath will mark the entire weak soul, on the one hand, it will bring him a number of talents, on the contrary, it will prevent him from leaving the empty nursing cabin, moreover, each small breath of the light ball has different talents inside. From the outside, the breath light ball looks like a small white ping pong ball, inside the ping pong ball there are different things floating, these floating things are all kinds of talents, "because So during that time, I actually saw the small ball of breath?"

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    Yes, to put it bluntly, our Lanning family, Li Luyuan's family and Mi Qiyun's family, we are essentially just dog eat dog. Lanning Xiaoxi strongly agreed with Wang. Wang Han was a little surprised by what she said. She said, Lanning Xiaoxi continued, "Isn't it just a dog eating a dog? Only if there is no room for growth, they will calculate each other in a small room. If it is placed in a very large environment, will similar situations appear? That's because you are very powerful, only very well after that you think of directly competing for other people's things in this realm. In fact, the realm is still too low."

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    “?” Porphyrin's eyes flashed with surprise, "No, the oil lamp you gave me was not the flowers in front of their graves, but them. . . . . .

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    Vuong Han thought for a long time about these issues. In fact, he knew that these were only the most superficial understandings, all the uses of an intuitive object, but Vuong Han still did not dare to think about some functions. exaggeration, "For example, freely switching between the virtual state and the real state, when the enemy uses the real state to defend, the steel needle will become a virtual state to attack the opponent's soul, and when The enemy uses the virtual state to defend. defense, the needle will directly apply the real state. Penetrate the defense, then destroy the opponent's body, such a free switch can be more effective, but the difficulty is very great, pure dual essence state, dual essence state Simple breathing is not a difficult existence, the nature of the source is still too complicated, until now I still can't understand it, just can make a fuss about real state or virtual state, not to mention that I still have no way to directly weave a self-thinking virtual state source quality variation inside the steel needle.”

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    This man threatens, this is the truest threat, so scared that when this man is talking, the smile on his face falls into Vuong Han's eyes, that is the kind of cruel look on his face. ghost! At this time, not only Wang Han felt this kind of hypocrisy was horrible, but a busy researcher next to him also felt this deeply. Lanning Xiaoxi protecting Wang Han was not much of a problem, but he... If this really angered this man directly, he could be thrown into a coffin filled with Tu Hai! The researcher did not dare to breathe loudly, cold sweat rolled down his forehead, but his face still had the same smile.

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    Are there many SR Medal winners in the world? There really isn't! Very rare! Isn't that just a bit of SR in the whole War Academy!

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    "Hello." Vuong Han then went directly to greet Ly Lo Nguyen, "I am Lan Ninh Vuong Han."