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    Old Hau shook his head, interrupting Hua Ngo's words: "Old Tu, we have known each other for more than ten years. We are comrades from the same party, I trust you very much. But last time, special commissioner Cu went to the meeting and You were almost arrested. The nature of the incident is very serious. This also makes your superiors doubt your leadership ability. Of course, it's not because you doubt yourself, but because you think that Citadel of the Working Committee underground led by you has been infiltrated by the enemy, such a situation has arisen, otherwise, how do you explain that the enemy will receive the news that the owl will come to Stone City to meet first? only brother, but my superiors also sent me to investigate this incident. Service headquarters, who received an anonymous call in advance to report that the owl came to Stone City for a meeting. According to you, only the Commissioner New Stone City's Underground Affairs committee received this news. Some members of the committee know that, in fact, I personally think that the traitor is in this committee, of course not excluding the possibility of This insider accidentally leaked the news, but the possibility that I mentioned is the greatest, revolutionary work is not a dinner party. The counter-revolutionary coup of April 12, and we also knew that some people would be shaken by this kind of white terror, so we could not risk having traitors, but had to prepare Be fully alert and alert.”

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